Poetry: In the darkness, it rises


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I’m joining fellow teacher-poets for some December poetry writing with Mary Lee Hahn (A Year of Reading). Carol Wilcox (Carol’s Corner) and I are adding poems over in the comments section of Mary Lee’s poem place (Poetrepository) after she posts her daily haiku, Kevin Hodgson joins in via Twitter (@dogtrax), Leigh Anne Eck on her website, A Day in the Life, and others, too, I’m sure, who are writing in various locations around the internet. I just haven’t figured out where, yet.

I shared this poem over at Mary Lee’s, but the formatting in the comments section didn’t let me get it “right”, so I’m sharing it here, too.

One of the great gifts December gives me is a reminder of the boundaries of time. Days are short. Snow turns to ice, then melts to water. Frost appears and disappears. For me, summer has a timeless quality; winter is about temporary things.



8 thoughts on “Poetry: In the darkness, it rises

    • Thanks, Tara. It has been a lot of fun to write with Mary Lee, Kevin, and Leigh. You’ll have to check out Kevin and Mary Lee’s haiku-tag they did this morning. Last line of the one becomes the first line of the other’s next haiku. Cool beans.

      Here’s a link to Mary Lee’s poem place.

  1. This poem says so much. To me it speaks of acknowledging the temporary and attempting to make peace with it. The part I continue to think about is “wrested from a grasping past”. This adds a whole other dimension. Thanks for stirring everyone’s heart through your poetry.

    • Thanks so much, Heath! I started to write a bit more over Thanksgiving and it’s been great for my soul. This one sort of came from a general feeling that winter brings out the temporary nature of things, at least for me, and also from thinking about my parents, who have lost several friends lately. As one ages, how does one live with the knowledge that things become even more temporary? I think I’m searching, here, for a solution that finds beauty in the temporary, in the moments that remain, in the moments as they happen.

  2. Steve, your poem gives me time to pause and reflect on the fleeting nature of time. For me the first two lines brought me right into your poem and left me pondering at the end. Would you consider offering this for my next gallery that Lester Laminack has called Winter Wanderings? If so, I will need a photo to create the digital inspiration. You can see what a gallery looks like at http://beyondliteracylink.blogspot.com/2015/09/unveiling-of-summer-splashings-gallery.html. Do you have a Twitter handle?

    • Wow, Carol, what an honor to be considered for your project. I will be in touch about what needs to be done as the time gets nearer. It sure has been wonderful to read your poetry and image combinations over the last several days!

      Oh, yes, my twitter handle is @insidethedog.

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