Poetry Friday: Late Snow

In the last couple of weeks, our part of Northeast Iowa has seen a series of late winter snows. I’ve been struck by how different these are than the snows that arrived riding the back of cold Alberta clippers in January. This poem came from watching one of these late winter storms arrive late one night.

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Poetry_FridayLate Snow

From the gaping
immense flakes
hurtle through the
feeble glow cast
by the porch light,
flashing like
salmon before
the spawn.

Once simple
dust and water,
heavy, they fall.
No artful meander;
now in March,
just a full-throated
plummet toward

© Steve Peterson

4 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Late Snow

  1. The heavy, wet (very welcome) snow that broke branches in my mom’s trees in Eastern Colorado is headed our way! I’ll keep the porch light on and see if it inspires a poem for me, too!

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